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Entropy Lyrics

Moxy Fruvous Entropy

Lyrics by Jack Micay
(Mike in a deep voice)
Galileo, Netwon, Watt, they were genuises all.
Without them we'd be freezing in the dark at the mall.
James Joule found total energy remains the same
No matter what it's form.
That's why it carries his name.
A chemical, electrical, potential and heat,
Radiant, kinetic, ooh the list is incomplete.
They're always changing back and forth
It's really quite a blur
oh, how could he?
I've forgotten nuclear!
Ride a barrel down the falls
Then cook spaghetti with meatballs.
Really make your friends amazed.
Nuke it with some gamma rays.
Fly to Venus in a rocket.
Put your finger in a socket.
You may suffer from exhaust,
But none of that energy is ever really lost.
Then why can't we make a clean machine that moves perpetually?
Cause there's another law with which all energy must agree.
Whenever it changes form, it loses quality (in other words...)
Damn that rising entropy!
It's entropy you see that turns finess into mess
A palace to a pig-stye why it's simply scandalous!
Energy once neat degenerates into waste heat (We must repeat.)
Because of entropy.
From the Liner:
1993- A lot more exciting than it's sister song, Inertia. The band
is very
committed to heightening awareness around this issue.

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