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The Girl Outside Lyrics

Album Name : Move (2007 Remaster)
Release Date : 1968-03-10
Song Duration : 2:59

Move The Girl Outside

You couldn't make it easy if you tried
So I'm gonna save it for the girl outside
I'll take her on a magic carpet ride
We could walk the clouds together
Stay in love forever
If you don't answer what I feel inside
I might try to make it with the girl outside
And all our thoughts together we'll confide
We'll see fairytale cities
When following the lands of love
**Who needs the girl outside
When I can ride the time and life with you
Why don't you turn around
And look at me, I often wish I knew you
You overstepped the mark so run and hide
Cause I'm gonna take it to the girl outside
I Won't cast all my little dreams aside
Every flowers hide their faces
By... their places

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