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Father Lyrics

Album Name : Supersonic and Demonic Relics
Release Date : 2008-06-24
Song Duration : 3:59

Motley Crue Father

All These Years
An Angry Child
Broken Chattered
Torn Inside

Where Were You
Where Were...

I Feel Old
I Feel Dead
Barely Hangin'
By A Thread

Where Were You
Where Were...

To My Father
How Could You Run
You Walked Away
Abandoned You Son
Broke My Heart
Left Me Dyin'
So F..cked Up
Where I Came From

What's A Father Without A Son
It's Like A Bullet Without A Gun
I Live To Die, I'll Fly Away
You're The Knife, And I'm The Prey
But You're Dead, So F..cking Dead
We All Gotta Die, So F..cking Die

I Love You Daddy

Song Meanings for Father


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