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Prison Chains Lyrics

Album Name : Insane Biography
Release Date : 2009-03-13
Song Duration : 5:23

Motherjane Prison Chains

Wake up...
alarms in your head,
that keep going off through the day.
Another deadline to separate time
as you ease into your prison chains.

You're human fueld burning out.
Fulfilling your destiny
as a plunging line on a time graph
An art form of this century.

These prison chains are your making
A disease you embrace.
You're smiling but the gaps start showing
its like a cancer in your face.

Prison chains
Didn't see them coming
till they were firmly in place.
You're still smiling...
an emptiness growing
where you once had a face.

You gave up so much of you life
You couldn't have know what for
Noting you built was meant to last
and no one was keeping score.

You're a victim of the surmise
that these chains were too strong.
They were nailed to the open skies.
Untested far too long.

And as I watch you multiply
Into a vortex of human pain
Can I smash the mirrors between you and I?
The last of my prison chains.

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