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Bubble Reputation Lyrics

Album Name : ...And the Ever Expanding Universe
Release Date : 2012-10-24
Song Duration : 3:09

Most Serene Republic Bubble Reputation

I dreamt late last the night, I was schizophrenic.
Then waking I found that to be 80% true.

20% of the time spent was the grasp of anxiety.
Why does ending clash with mending?
Stiff from questions, answer less ones.
So much grey skin, not quite dust bin,
with the clench that I am in.

Damn you solicitude, quit your knock on my door with the
brassy knob turn.
This ride makes one stay on with stiff jaw, from eating
when its found on descent.

Rise with frankly too much, now I know how much consumed.
Oh wow, I'm horny today, the but truth, the endless.

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