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Unfading Revenge Lyrics

Album Name : Buried In Time
Release Date : 2013-09-17
Song Duration : 6:45

Mortuary Drape Unfading Revenge

Slowly I start to come in a place,hidden the the
peoples eyes,
They believe but don't know
What's real in the shadow zone I'm looking
Occult part of everything they call chance

A light that appear in a dream,This is the way living
shadows dwell in this place
The shadow zone shows another place,like a recipient
containing the imaginary
It's the obscurity demean,the same place changes
One different way to try,you talk & observe

Sometimes you dream the death,meeting place
Maybe what you see is a giving of the invisible
It's strange but somewhere,Sometimes life is hung to a
You ask yourself,I've nothing sinister but a sign

Realizing,too late,of an unique remembering
Realizing,too late,of an unique discover

I try to come in the usual hidden place,
People now hold out their arms to help me,
Bit I can't reach them 'cause my arms are paralyzed

The shadow zone of my mind got rid,
The imaginary recipient makes me
Aware of what was obscure before
The day of meeting with mother death has come
And now I'm ready for the passage
My life is no longer hung to a thread
I had an answer to my question

Everything that was sinister leave no sign
My dark side is a strange larval contact now

Realizing,too late,of an unique destiny
Realizing,too late,of an unique discover
Larvas in my room,they don't want to go away
Larvas in my room,here they dwell eternally

Will I succeed in getting rid of them,I fall asleep
The day of meeting with mother death has come

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