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Deep Void Lyrics

Album Name : Buried In Time
Release Date : 2013-09-17
Song Duration : 4:45

Mortuary Drape Deep Void

The cellar passage is connected
To the instinctive fulcrum of the cross to eleven

The lacks of breath chokes the act of praying
And there's no way out from this cursed place

Now I know what's the meaning of the words
"To deserve Hell,eternal deserve"

Anguish drive me crazy,empty & depress
Unknown fear frighten me

The one in hell doesn't speak,it's a deep prostration
Where emptiness & anguish totally get the upper hand
over everything

God left this place too,because he renounced to pretend
my soul

The winged bitch of prostitution wants me to celebrate
our marry

When I asked to the medium what's the undead world,
She enigmatically answered me,
Telling about my future & my destiny,fear in my head,
Ready to face the worst things

All my worries & troubles were written
In this page & recorded in this tape

This place gives no space to pray your God,
Because you're un - awared but possessed

Fear & anguish flowing along these walls
Are much bigger than the usual harmony of the soul

I don't believe to all that poets,
Preachers & Satanists who talk about hell
They describe an estetic
Romantic & decadent evil
But evil is really not as they say

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