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Welcome Home Lyrics

Album Name : I'll Come Back and Love You Forever
Release Date : 2005-04-28
Song Duration : 3:25

Morten Abel Welcome Home

Welcome home
Your spirit's been here all along
Like the ghost in the window
Your song has been playing all along
I really never was alone

Your face
Look at this picture everyday
You with your doubt,
me with my big mouth

Welcome home, you never been gone for so long
come home and be a mother to your son
come home and be a mother to your son

Peace and love blessings from the one above
everybody needs somebody somebody to love
I steal... that line from Freddie cos he's already dead
We miss you Fred
See our troubles seens so pathetic
We're tearing down the walls
we build, brick by brick

Welcome home...

It was an accident I lost control and off it went
don't say you could get used to it
because it means you'll keep on doing it...

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