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Ready To Work Lyrics

Album Name : Don't Haffi Dread
Release Date : 1999-03-09
Song Duration : 4:10

Morgan Heritage Ready To Work

Hear the calling and the warning deliverance in the

chorus (2x):
Rise up everybody get ready to work
Rise up everybody get ready to work

verse 1:
Everyone has got so much to say
Still no one wants to lead the way
For the people to rise and revolutionize the day
See, we're the real revolutionaries
Who come to help you rise above poverty
Listen the sounds of the Heritage and get ready to work
Every man

chorus (2x)

I've got visions of every man working in one unity
Lord well, one unity
Lord, well

verse 2:
So much prophets have spoken through the years
We talk so much it's like a joke to the ears
We got to rise up and every man conquer their fear
We all stand around waiting for a change
While time passes everything remains the same
I can't have my children grow up and witness the same

chorus (2x)

verse 3:
The only way things can be done
as if we all work together as one
Unifying all African
Even with the Indian and white man
I've got visions of every man
Working in one unity
One unity

chorus (2x)

verse 4:
The ghetto youths have the strength to survive
So all they need is the knowledge of the wise
To make the righteous choice between good over evil
Don't let money starve the young mind
Give them the knowledge and don't charge them a dime
We've got to work and stop money from destroying

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