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Everything Is Still Everything Lyrics

Album Name : Three In One
Release Date : 2003-04-29
Song Duration : 3:43

Morgan Heritage Everything Is Still Everything

"Everything is still everything means, no matter how
your day is rough, no matter how people talk about you,
you just, that phrase's like "Everything is still
everything", you don't let what people say get you
down, or, try to go with fags, and, and, and, what's,
you know, popular, you just go with, you know, what's
in your heart, and what you wanna be, don't try to be
like nobody else, just be yourself, don't worry about,
you know, if the day is rough, eventually it's gonna
evolve in shine bright like the sun, so.. Everything is
still everything."
- Now, Switzerland, we want everybody to dance to this
ska music.
Ayeyeye Put on your dancing shoes and dance,
Aha ha haaaaa ha haaaa!
if you're up or down with a smile
If you sma not to walk around

Now if a soldier say a soldier say,
Everything is gotta go Jah way

If you find out your friend ain't really your friend

If your day starts good, and everything goes like it

But, if a soldier say a soldier say

Everyday something new


First attempt! ;)

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