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All Or Nothing Lyrics

Monrose All Or Nothing

Don't tell me this was just a casual affair
See you in a day or two
Maybe out somewhere

I see it in your eyes, you feel the way I do
Runnin from the truth
cause it’s happening too soon

Now I can’t live with just one kiss at a time
Now I need more than just pieces of your life
cause it’s all or nothing
Time to tell me something
Should I go or should I stay
Just don’t take me half the way
Baby, all or nothing
I need all your loving
All your mind and all your heart
All you got is what I want
cause it’s a-all or nothing

I give you every bit of all I have to give
If you go you’ll never
Know just what you missed

I don’t know how much longer I can wait
Won’t sit around
While you play your foolish games

Boys will be boys and you gotta have your fun
Oh, don’t you know I’ve got
To be the only one


Baby, you got a-all or nothing
Cause it’s a-all or nothing ( Baby all your love)
Cause it’s a-all or nothi-ing
Cause it’s all or nothing
Baby, you got all or nothing
Cause it’s all or nothing

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