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Expresso Lyrics

Album Name : M80 Concert
Release Date : 2013-04-08
Song Duration : 2:38

Monochrome Set Expresso

I left my heart in a wooden case
With chains and locks all around its base
I’m on my way to surgery
I’m as happy as a boy can be
Can be

I left my brain in a metal sieve
With cancer injected, just to stop it live
I know where the angels sing
So play that harp and flap that wing

I’m going to heaven, baby]
I’m going to heaven, baby]
I’m going to heaven, baby] (Chorus)

I left my eyes in a candy box
Stuffed with cotton, just to stop them rock
I skip along the corridor
I open up the theatre door

I left my blood in a plastic mug
I get a funny taste when I chug-a-lug
I know where the cherubs wait
So here I am at St Peter’s Gate


I left my nose, all stuck with glue
Tied with string, up a chimney flue
I curtsey to doctor and nurse
I wave outside to the waiting hearse

And when I spoke to father’s ghost
He said he died by parcel post
So, hallelujah, here I come
See you at Easter, mum


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