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Misery Loves Company Lyrics

Album Name : Avatar
Release Date : 2010-09-20
Song Duration : 5:30

Monika Misery Loves Company

I'm standing where this city ends
Staring at this bottle
It wasn't me I drunk it all
Well it must have been some others

I can't stay here anymore
The view of the sea upsets me
I wanna drive
But this car is full of ropes

This car is full of reasons...
Should I turn up the music
Let the wheel, feel the beat
Surrender to the speed
Surrender to the speed?

What a stupid idea
What an awful idea
Head on...

Give me wine
Red or white
Make me drunk
Let me try

Set me free
Is that happiness alive?
Where's that dream?
I will never look behind

Wish me luck
When this song is gonna end
Laugh and dance
Cause we'll never meet again

Come along
We can still enjoy the night
I'm alone
I will never look behind

Nothing or nothing is stronger
Than the spinning clock of my heart
Young and bright I just wanna see the world
I wanna see how love is growing
I wanna look a pass of betrayal's wonder
Give me pain and give me more light to go on

Set me free
Is that happiness alive?
End this dream
I will never look behind
I will never look behind

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