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Alive And Well Lyrics

Album Name : Time Trials
Release Date : 2008-07-22
Song Duration : 2:41

Mongoloids Alive And Well

Familiartys slowly change seems to remain the same. So
out of touch, so out of place in this fight to erase what
haunts. I went soul searching so long ago and all I found
was someone I dont know. Viewing myself in the
mirrornever gets eaier as my future grows mearer time
seems to go by so fast always second guessing and never
doing what I think is best. The world just wants me to
give up but I will never loe hope for myself. Fighting to
survive, the struggle only gets worse Is it my time to
die, or maybe its yours? Slowly losing contact with all
the ones I love God only knows how the f..ck I'll end up.
A time goes by hate seem to be the only thing inside of
me. When will this end?

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