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Widow Twanky Lyrics

Album Name : Joemus
Release Date : 2008-11-24
Song Duration : 3:12

Momus Widow Twanky

So you're sweeping
Out of my world
Widow Twanky
You were my girl

Now you're flouncing out of my life
Not a back look
Not a bad way
To say goodbye

When you prick me
Do I not bleed?
When you stick me
Do you succeed?

There were times
Pantomime dame
I could've taken you down
Times I slapped you down and f..cked around
And called you stupid cow
I'm paying the price for it now

You're inside me
I'm inside you
You're inside me now
What can I do?

On a road made of stone
I am walking alone as you
In the blaze of the day
I'm a pantomime dame
You're inside me
Widow Twanky
What can I do?

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