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Palm Deathtop Lyrics

Album Name : Oskar Tennis Champion
Release Date : 2003-02-11
Song Duration : 3:20

Momus Palm Deathtop

The house of the dead becomes more and more real to me
As the list of dead friends on my Palm increases
Though I don't believe in the permanent soul
I can't help asking, "But where do they go?"
And the love I invest
In my lovers deceased
Drains my love for those who exist
At an actual and earthly address

I update the database
Daily from my laptop
Using new vaporware:
Palm Deathtop

I'm starting to wish I could see my old friends again
At the glamorous party to which they've departed
Well, what do you know? I'm apparently invited
Look there, your name is also on the list
Sooner or later, we'll all be there I guess
All already no longer exist
Together with our friends again

Let's update the database
Daily from our laptops
Using new vaporware:
Palm Deathtop

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