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My Oh My Lyrics

Molly Johnson My Oh My

Come on pretty baby lets take a ride
to far out places we'll get inside
of the world that only you inspire
I know a way to get a little high
We'll run away on a be bop tip
don't need much just the love of it
let the kettle boil, let the telephone ring
we'll say good-bye to everything

My oh my, my oh my, oh the mystery of it all
my oh my, can you tell me that you hear me call

My oh my, my oh my, oh the tales that we could spin
why oh why, can you tell me why
can we just...begin

Come on little darlin' let's go for a swim
take that plunge dive right in
to that shining place that's beckoning
hold our breath, we'll count to ten
As we dive to the bottom
let's stay for a while
swim with the fishes let's dig the vibe
of that magic place of reckoning
water's fine, jump right in

Come on sweet daddy let's take a drive
just us two turn the radio high
as we glide along to that Coltrane tune
out on the desert we'll howl at the moo

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