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I Will Lyrics

Molly Johnson I Will

You can't borrow time, can't live on a lie
gotta show me a sign, that you're digging the vibe
cause you can't hurry love, comes from the heavens
your life's tumbling down, you know I might not be

But I will...say a prayer for you
(and) I will...try to love you too
(oh) I will...hope your dreams come true
(yeah) I will...comfort you

A penny you saved, is money to burn
a kick in the face, hard lesson you learned
cause you can't play the fool, you're just not that
when it's all coming down, you know you might not hear
a sound

Cause I can feel you've come undone
you're just waiting to hit the sun
now you're raging on and on
to that place far beyond
you're tumbling down through all your lies
hoping that I'm hypnotized
time is slipping slowly by
but I will...

I will...say a prayer for you, I will...try to love you
tell you what I think is true,I will make a wish for
tell you what I'm gonna do, be the one to comfort you
(I will dream a dream for you, I will help to see you

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