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Blue Jeans Pizza Lyrics

Moe Blue Jeans Pizza

I was thinkin' about your face
just a minute ago
I'll be leaving the simple space
just to be at a show
I get distracted by the simplest lines
I need to test my resolve
I got the symptoms and I'm watching the signs
My medication can’t solve
Every problem left on my front door
I ain't no Curious George
Marie Curie or Louis Pastuer
I never played at the Gorge

I can remember the warm summer nights
Driving so fast we were ran every red light
I can remember the feeling is gone away

Flying so high with my feet on the floor
but left my nerve on the ground
I made it this far using every back door
I had to find in the sound
Took a lover like some Parisian Count
then you fell off the floor
Spending summers with your seniors' discount
pay your dues and then a roll
Off trippin' at a rock n roll show
that's your problem my friend
Try slippin' past security though
I guess you're shutout again

I can remember the warm summer nights
Drinking cold Gennys, yeah we'd get so tight
I can remember the feeling is gone again

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