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Searching For The Truth Lyrics

Mistreat Searching For The Truth

Let’s talk about a symbol that’s cursed and banned
Which promotes the pride of our White homeland
Loved and hated by foe and friend
A symbol for the true ideal which took the stand

The swastika will fly again
Follow the sound of our battle anthem
Reinforce the line join the Nordic youth
Young resistance fighters searching for the truth

The passion of White Power and the White Pride
Guide us, teach us, push us forward we got nothing to
hide Our ancient
Nordic symbols expression of a great idea Swastika, Odal
Wolfs hook, and Sun wheel

Let the cosmopolitan rulers dream their multiracial
dreams Let them
ignore our people’s sorrow and our white children’s
screams Despite
all prosecution, persecution, and ban Despite race laws,
prisoners, the swastika will fly again

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