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Autumns Misty Might Lyrics

Misteltein Autumns Misty Might

Greetings oh night starpainted mighty sky
I bow to thee majestic dream to which I cry
Souls of the candle which I burn with pride
You'll all sleep in peace no more your turn to die

Your mighty winds sweep over devastating
The lands of life were once so illuminating
Your shield approaching to mourn till death
As the rain falls down last sound of hops breath

The dark has come for me
Crucify me hate me infernally
Maim my heart blackened night
Destroy me autumns misty might

The rain comes down like tears from the clouds
A hopeless feeling in the autumns misty might
Shedding the tears like blood from a heart
A heart of despair chained to autumns misty might

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