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Plan B Lyrics

Album Name : Harmony No Harmony
Release Date : 2005-05-16
Song Duration : 1:37

Million Dead Plan B

why the hell are you standing there, a
nd what the hell are you waiting for?
Your expectant smile is starting to get on my nerves!

So tell me now,
if you’re so f..cking rationalist,
so ruthlessly atheist,
why the f..ck are you a positivist?
It doesn’t work.

Because honestly,
if you ignore the terminology,
mainstream political philosophy
grew out of Christian teleology.

Despite the claims on the packaging,
all the liberals and the communists,
all the people making promises,
are pigs to a man and their premises are all the same.

Everything is getting worse, which hardly comes as a
No one guaranteed anything else,
so dry your eyes and pull yourself together!

Because things will keep on getting worse.
The guys in white will never win,
and I doubt we’ll ever heal the world.

But we can begin,
by learning how to deal with the conflicts that arise
between us,
instead of pretending they’ll go away.

It’s better to light a candle than to fantasize about a

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