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Farewell My Hell Lyrics

Album Name : Punk-O-Rama 10
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 2:51

Millencolin Farewell My Hell

Everything will soon turn black,
so here's my letter.
To get it off my chest.
Promise father, don't look back,
it's not for the better.
I know you tried your best.

Everybody seems so happy like they all share
something I haven't felt for years.
For long I've tried to just hold on but now I don't care
I'm closing down my thoughts and fears.
Forgive me, life is cruel.
I'm leaving you.

Hear you little brother me,
you know I'm sorry,
for every high hand.
Give my love to mother,please
tell her not to worry.
I hope she'll understand.

So long, don't wait for me in vain.
What's wrong with being free from pain?
Be strong and live your lives like I never could.
Farewell, let the memories be nice.
To hell!? Don't think you go there twice.
I'm well off right here, it's more than good.
So Farewell...

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