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Anything Can Happen Lyrics

Album Name : Empire State
Release Date : 2008-01-01
Song Duration : 3:26

Mighty Joseph Anything Can Happen

Verse 1 (karniege)
Jet black
the color of the van that pulls up
ski mask on ya face no need to hood up
with tools in the duffle
They move on the double
left the jackets over fabrics
Rugs at the buckle
and heads the blueprint/
movement/silent/ grapple hooks to the roof
that they use for climbin
from a side view they resemble cape crusaders
not an overnight plan/ it took days of trainin
cross street over in the buildin where dave was waitin
with a butterfly stomach takin crazy paces
throught the sky light window they make the break in
body frame on glass straight split the lasers
6 million figure ring jade the which one (?)
locked in wooden box ledge breaks the casin'
security routine! I spot two theives!
but didn't see the third sayin "drop tah knees"
Horse..walkie talkie over and clock to me
yo you down with this merch scene? we got to leave
I aint tryin to be in the same place the coppers be
bustin gats yea f..ckin ass and flock from scene
but its too late already body bag van driver
coppers with shotgun pop from helicopter
two men run out, we thought they were mobsters
bullets run in them and ill spill the pastas

In the Streets
Anything can Happen
What what what what
anything can happen
Just be on point and prepare for the action
dont get lost in the storm, watch forcastin'
yo yo
Anything can happen
what what what
anything can happen
watch for the snakes cuz they tryin to off snap shit
grab em by the tail slam they head in a casket

Verse 2 Karniege
scene two more lethel than a weapon
droppin breadcrumbs like hansel and gretel
wish they pulled this thang and swing the mac with the metal
in a dirty basement somewhere in park meadow
bushwick, hood shit yea its all ghetto
some brooklyn kids got some beef they want settled
(you need to pull stings make these chickens run and they back turn yellow >>>?)
they shot charlie ross and his little brother gecko
out spilled the pasta clothes stained with prego
them robbery plans, i tol him to let go
but thought shit was sweet like syrup on eggos

Chorus 1x

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