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Curly Teeth Lyrics

Album Name : Jewellery (Bonus Track Version)
Release Date : 2009-04-07
Song Duration : 2:26

Micachu Curly Teeth

Yeah she had straight eyes and curly teeth,
when she smiled at me I got a nose bleed.
She spat me out, said "What's your business with me?",
but all I wanted to be was in her company.

She had a room with no space to compete.
When I fell at her feet she clapped in time to the beat.
That beat me up inside but I was discrete,
she blew smoke in my eyes and flicked me out on the

Boom boom dead. (x4)

She's got my money now I'm sinking to deep.
Those curly teeth. That f..cking fief.
She's got my stuff buried into concrete.
Those curly teeth will be the death of me.

Boom boom dead, yeah you thought that it would last. (x4)

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