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The Scottish Trip Lyrics

Max Boyce The Scottish Trip

Oh we went up to the Highlands of Scotland
To the land of the loch and the glen
and we'll all bring our wives back a present
so we can go next again

We loaded the bus up with flagons
and we left about quarter past 7
we stopped 14 times between Neath and Bridgend
we were still in Glamorgan at 11

Old Will he went up to the driver
he said can you no stop this bus for a while
he said man alive, we're on the M5
you'll have to hang on till Carlisle

So Will he climbed up on the sun roof
and he stood on the bus in disgrace
he wasn't to know that that bridge was so low
but he died with a smile on his face

He was splattered all over the pavement
and his leek it was stuffed down his throat
and I heard Will's friend say
as they scraped him away
"My ticket was inside his coat"

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