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Deep Heaven Lyrics

Massivivid Deep Heaven

Through darkened space
Came frequencies,
Familiar words in humanese
It's been years since we've heard
This tongue,
Since our innocence had
Almost been undone,
You search for life beyond your own
But you've pulled a
Cloud around your home
And pierced the night with a
Wounded plea
To find your place in eternity
The green girl, she's okay and still naive
Because of you
I found my Eve
I find it strange
You'll never learn
You'd rather have your rockets burn,
Than give in to what's in front of you
Satellites shot out in space
Broadcast waves
Out to the face
Probe the skies for some small trace
What will you find there?
Second chance for human race
Simplicity you wont to embrace
Stumble blindly through His grace
What will you find there?

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