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We Become One Lyrics

Malpractice We Become One

I never thought that it would hurt
Now I know that it was a delusion
The secret I have kept inside
Since I was a child
I ignored it had happened
The childhood fear
I've tried to conceal

But now you're coming back again
Familiar face from the past
The face that would haunt me forever

It is this feeling that bewilders me again
It's something I look back in awe
Within myself I struggle hard to ease the pain
It's something that won't relent at all

I'm trying hard to understand
The letter you once wrote
Those words will never leave me alone
But now I'm a man
And I'm still in confusion
By your words of hate and deceit

Now here I go again
Through pages filled with writing
But they're not the ones with importance
I can read between the lines
Straight into your evil mind
As we slowly intertwine

We become one

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