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Car Windows Lyrics

Album Name : Yours As Fast As Mine
Release Date : 2007-06-28
Song Duration : 3:25

Main Drag Car Windows

I think too much, and it
Comes back to haunt me later
I could turn it up, but it
Won't make my heart beat louder
I wanna know what is
Made of gilded brass
And what is really made of gold
Like the condensation on my car windows
My car window-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs

(silly synth interlude)

Crazy like my dad I've been
Burning like a dollar bill, I'm
21 years mad if I
Sink and save my heart away and
Give you all I had, would you
Beat the path inside of me and
Make pretend I'm dad
Through the condensation on these car windows
These car windows

(string crescendo and ...
weepy, uplifting strings)

And what I really wanna know
Is what's theirs and what's just made for them to show
Do you really wanna grow old?
You always gotta give in when you are told

(strings, guitar outro)

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