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Hyphy Like Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Mac Dre, Vol. 4
Release Date : 2008-04-22
Song Duration : 3:33

Mac Dre Hyphy Like

Yes yes, punk rock bitch!
Crest niggas all in the buildin'

Back in january or was it febuary
I broke a bitch heart told her I would never marry
Secuartary whos job was unneccessary
She get hoe up and blow up but she hecka scary

Secahairy wig to her waist line
She a dime
But she only tryna waste time
Spaceline ride while I spit

Keep hittin while I ride on a bitch
Rawhide do a bitch ass nigga
If I don't get cash nigga
I'm all about my motsarella
Is the only thing I got to tell her

Smell a real bitch from a mile away
And I will spit if she smile at dre
If she proper you know I got to stop her
Old school big mac, f..ck the whopper!

It's all hyphy like
My type be light
A scrilla get hoe get a pimp gorilla
Can't no nigga do it like these cats
Them tripple c cats with that pimpin' feedback

Back in colorado I made a hooker follow
Holla money over bitches that I nigga motto
Got my rollo tucked and it's fulla hollows
Got my bitches on the corner like it's no tomorrow, no sorrow

Bitches gots to make mine
Waste time I'm a nuckle up and take mine
Great find bitches when I go relentless
Bitches holla out my name but I keep it pimpin'

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