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Got Me Crazy Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Mac Dre, Vol. 2
Release Date : 2004-11-16
Song Duration : 3:30

Mac Dre Got Me Crazy
I hit the block in somthin clean they thought it was a rental
200 hunid diamonds shinin in my dentals
And in the front a bad bitch
The back a bad bitch
And a bad bitch
I'm 3 deep
Sleep nevaaa
I'm in the street
Financial endeavour
Sweat 'er
Bets believe it
U betta jet it
In a six eight coupe
Scrape wetted
Super unleaded
It's nuthin cheap like dem 15's knockin in the back of my seat
Broke beezy
Betta not try ta holla
She muss be on dick dope and cockaa oggwa
Wassup my nogga
I'm mac drevious
Old skool
Like war cuts and stavius
An like dem CHP's be clockin me
Dem PHV's
Always knockin me.
The crest has got me crazy
But I love the way it raised me I smoke big bomb
Get bomb headers from a dime piece
I'm the kinda nigga that pimpin you might find me
Down in vegas
Fuckin with some playas
Or maybe in frisco makin her get dough
It's so stupid wen I do it
Whoever listen to it
Just got ta get into it oohwee
Chevy bluey
All in my lung
I'm dancin like a fool and they callin me dumb come
Choo beezy
Ride in my truck
Quit talking so much go in slob on these nuts.
The crest has got me crazy
But I love the way it raised me P89 rouga
67 couga
Squattin through the traffic
Watch how I movaa
51 cleveland
Leavin police
Heat jockin
Lovin it even ta know me
My homey
Betta known as cuddie
Is buggin ridin shotgun goin nutty
Or buddie love
Witta bloody rug
In a white bronco on dubs
Wen I'm twistin turnin
Proffesser dunkin
Let rounds from my calico loose on these mussums
Goose on he ducks
For all of ya crew
Nigga I'm a boot
I ain't scared ta shoot
The crest has got me crazy
But I love the way it raised me

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