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Shoe Hoes Anonymous Lyrics

Lyrics Born Shoe Hoes Anonymous

[Lyrics Born as Steven]
Aww man it's been bad man, I've just
It's been so tough on me and everybody involved
And it's the type of thing that just
It brings everybody down! You know?
And, I tried so hard to change
But just one slip up you know
I know that my habit's out there right now
Doin pushups, and situps, and squats
Just ready to kick my ass as soon as I f..ck up man
Y'know, and it hurts!
Y'know I went through my money
I went through my mother's money
I went through my girlfriend's money
I went through my girlfriend's ex-girlfriend's money

[Meeting Leader]
Thank you for sharing that with us today
We know it takes a lot of courage for you to be here
And we just want you to know that we love you
And support you brother {*applause*} (thank you)
And uhh, you know it's not easy to share
Umm okay, who's neeeeeeext
YOU! Kurt

[Lyrics Born]
{*clearing throat*}
Uhhh, well my name is Lyrics Born from Berkeley California
(Hello Lyrics Born!) Annnd uhh... I'm a shoe ho!

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