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Why did you forget my worth for all your girls, I used to know
You don't care about it, I'm walking through the hell, I used to know. 
Why did you forget my worth for all you want, I used to know. 
(Where I go? Where I go?)
I'm walking thorough the hell...I used to know
Why did you forget my love for everything and than you say I love too much again
I used to know
Where I go I'm walking through the hell
Four words heavy as blow
Falling forward In my flow
The hell, are you blabbering about me?
Get a new hobby
Get a new bombing
Don't you have better to do 
you don't kill my soul Break my balls 
With your drin drin (Drin Drin!)
With your bombing Bang in my screen
Didn't you tell to all your girlfriends that you're pleating your love to me for months?
In December told me: ”I love you" and wait!
Are you telling the tale to save your face? this is no more your place 
First time I said "take a walk" to you But damn!
Here we go again Here I am again
You know, my buddy You can't pay to bang my body with you
Cold war too bloody But I can not get enough about you
You know my body And I saw through as nobody see you
So what? So what? Your story's blinding
And I get off your love bombing with you
You told me "You are my only one my all in I can't live without my groupie”
Am I looking like a your fan now?"

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