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Who's Your Favorite Lyrics

Lloyd Banks Who's Your Favorite

"V5"! {Scratches}
YEAH, I GOT IT! ("This is exclusive! It's heard it first on G-Unit Radio! ")

Still countin' money! (LLOYD BANK$!) {Gunshot}
Hhhaahahaa! {PLK! }

Ay! - Who's your favourite MC? - I'm the new version! (UH!)
Flow tight like err tooth hurtin'! (YEEAH!)
I'm 'bout as tight as rock and roll pants (uh!)
Notice I said rock! - Lean in your stance! (stance!)
I put chicks on hold, you just hold hands (yeah!)
Clap about four in a row with no romance! (UGH!)
I'm vacatin'! - Sending niggaz to flow camp (flow camp!)
My future bright as ice! - Solid gold lamp! (bling!)
I polish, blow, trim! - Them hoes wipe me down! (down!)
She had a purple label! - She with a White-T now! {Scream}
I caught the right rebound! - They won't invite me now!
I sleep through drama! - Any given night we down! {Gunshot} (damn!)
I pick the Gucci up! - Now I'm a H-boy!
20 stack waster! - Me and your pants make noise! (YEAH!)
I clap wifey's - runnin' they mouth
If it wasn't for me you had no money to count!
That's what I'm 'bout! (UHH!) - Lloyd like Floyd with the punch!
Baller! - Boy U shoot your boy out his [? ]
Shopper! - I got to hit 'em all up for munch!
She a deuce? - She can't even twirl up my blunts! (BLUNTS!)
Max Payne pumps, slump a demon out his Beamer (poots!)
Swine Flu fever when I'm bleedin' out the speaker! {Gunshot}
Game speak good things! - I'm what the game lacks!
I rap circles with ya! - You're on train tracks! (yeah!)
On trainin' wheels (yeah!) - can't even pay your bills (yeah!)
I smoke you like [? ] (yeah!) - I eat Fillet Mcmeals! {Vincent Price laughs}
With my favorite vixen, she in my favorite heels!
And they make her just the right height - doggystyle all night!
Jamaican in sight! - My whole series 'bout the block! (uh, uh!)
Cliffhanger! Meet you niggaz at the mountain top! (Hello!)
In my Louie slips, countin' gwop, chronic by the pound, {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
Why not? - I'm gettin' money, 'fore I sign the dot! (uh-huh!) {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
My first track back at it, it's called a classic! (classic!)
I "Worked Magic", brought "Halloween Havoc"! (yeeah!)
Brought the masses to the "Cold Corner";
You loved it! (loved it!) - "4-30-09" and 2 made it much warmer! {Gunshot} {DAMN! }
"V-Fizzy" makes your new shit a frisbee!
Uh! - [? ] the window of the shuttle! (whooo!)
One word to sum a nigga up - DOMINANCE! (DOMINANCE!)
Can't a human touch me! - That's CONFIDENCE! (CONFIDENCE!)
You play around, you pay, that's a promise, honest! (honest!)
Nigga open your ears, that's the knowledge! (knowledge!)
Minus the college but I'm hip, that's street smart
Stick your hand in the beef! - You can leave with three parts! (uh-huh!)
My skin [? ], so words you don't get to me! (don't get to me!)
I'm one of the nicest niggaz with words in history (history!)
UH! - A' Army solo on my "Armani" polo!
Fly gangster packin'; but I'm calm and low tho! {Gunshot}
.Fo-fo! - He ain't the ones to throw your fist ta
We got the Mack-Mr., and they spit like Twista! (ta-ta-tatta!)
And I don't twist bottles I pop 'em! (uhh!)
I'm poppin' e'rywhere, fists, models and drop 'em (uhh!)
Chicks follow 'em, jock 'em; then I'm on my way from coppin'
This was yesterday, and the day gon' put the box in! - WHAT'S POPPIN'?

Huh? {"V5"! }
Full speed ahead no stoppin'!
It's that "V5"!
Mines the next V-12!
Real niggaz live long... {CAN'T FORGET... }
Uh! {"THISIS50.COM! "}
SouthSide stand up!
Your boy...
YEEEAHHH! {Beat stops} (DAMN!) {gunshot}

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