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Been Around The World Lyrics

Lloyd Banks Been Around The World

[Interlude: Bodie]
This ya nigga Bodie...
Tellin' ya... my nigga, Bank$!
He got a punch! After an other punch, then an other
punch, then a punch and an other punch!
[beat starts]

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Uh! {GOD-... }
Uh-huh! {DAMN!}
Yeah! {CAN'T FORGET... FREE'!}

I'm from the G- U-N-I-to-the-T,
And I'm high off the drow teary eyed in the V.
With my mind on the dough - nine on my knees. (knees.)
Stash in the car for the NYPD. {AKA... PAPI!}
They love me, they buy my CD.
And it keeps me in a very fly GT.
The insides leather. - The outsides PP!
Man I'm fly as ever - I pop crisp and eat free. {LLOYD
I've been around the world. - Flew home and went back.
Blue guap up on! - Blue stones' my wrist wrap. (yeah!)
Brand new drop on, new chrome I sit back. (back!)
Two tone Mack, I'm two grown for this rap. (whooo!)
You are now rockin' with the flyest.
Your highness, my comeback records like Mariahs.
I'm rhyme Hot97 radi-o {DAMN!}
Got a monico flow, your tiny bread petty. [echoes]

Ugh! {CAN'T FORGET...}
G-Unit! {AXE! }
Yeah... {MY NIGGA KAM!}

LLOYD BANK$... TAKIN' OVER! [beat fades out]

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