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Young Gods Lyrics

Little Angels Young Gods

They stand in the shadows with holed out shoes
They got everything to gain and nothing to lose
They’re strong hearts alive
They got stars in their eyes
They come from the towns of worn out streets
Where all the tribes dance to all the different beats
But they’re all the same
Same spirits with a different name
The young gods

Might eighteen maybe just left school
You spend your last dole money on a bedsit room
That’s the only way
Man you got to live for the day
And when the old men scowl and start to criticise ya
Cause they don’t understand what you want in your life
That’s the same refrain
Always gonna be the same
For young gods

So stand up and fight for your life
No surrender and no compromise
When desire is burning your eyes
You’re young gods
You’re young gods

So when ya down hard sure that you’re life’s a mess
And you’re worried that your place in the human race
Has come apart at the seams
Well hold on to your dreams
You young gods
You young gods


You gotta stand up and be counted
Cause you gotta make your own way

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