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I Know You Strapped Lyrics

Album Name : Doubt Me Now
Release Date : 2003-03-04
Song Duration : 3:18

Lil' Wyte I Know You Strapped

smoke a blunt, get drunk, hit a line of that funk,
now you fallin` up in the spot and you thinkin` that you crunk,
you ain't crunk, yous a punk, and I'ma show you that tonight
all it takes is one killer to step and we can start a fight
in the middle of the club, bitch wasup we can do this shit
security ain't gonna jump in the way because they scared of this
implantin` this into ya brain so you know the next time you cross the line
again it's standin` full of sin when you f..ck wit the boss
biggest,badest,roughest motha` f..cker, but ya still a bitch
I'm comin` in crunker than the others for th f..ck of it
liquor bottles hit ya harder than some syrup when ya slum
have ya shakin`, fakin`, body achin` by the time I'm done
legally this isn't right but ask me if I give a shit
peacefully I'll read your rights and have you beggin` me to quit
hit ya weed and liquor or whatever else it takes to jump
just remember, just cause you f..cked up it doesn't mean your crunk,

chorusx2: I know you strapped, but you cowards like to play hard
and know that you don't wanna catch a murder charge ,
see butsters to get full of that weed and liquor snort a line,
in ya mind now yous a killer

Talking: man gotdamn paul man you might have to slow this motha` f..cker down a
little bit man I'm on that syrup man I'm high and I'm drunk man you need to
slow down

Verse 2: I'm not scared of you just cause you came in actin` a damn fool
runnin` lip talkin` shit, bet you wouldn't without ya tool
now ya hard very hard ballin` down the boulevard, pissy pants doin` ya dance
I'm behind ya in a faster car, weak as water so is yo mama, father and ya
faculty, quickly sauder up yo lips so you can't trip or speak of me

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