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Jus Woke Up Lyrics

Lil House Phone Jus Woke Up

[Intro: Hook]
I'm on
I'm on
Bitch, I'm on, you're not, I'm on, you're not, sorry (I'm on)
Gang (I'm on)
Hah (I'm on), just woke up
I'm on (I'm tired as fuck), I'm on
I'm on (Just), I'm on
F..ckin' drop that (I'm on, I'm on)
Shit, ah (Gang, gang, shit)

[Verse 1: Hook and Lil House Phone]
Just woke up, wah gwan?
Know your girlfriend know all my songs
Damn, Hook just can't go wrong
Little bitty get with the program, huh
And your boyfriend is moron
Get off the stage, show goes on
I look cold with stoves on
That's why I keep my clothes on
Two besties wearing neon
I'm lightyears and beyond
Said his name is Keon
He still whip a Nissan
What that shit you be on?
Simon belt, got B's on
Every nigga easy to lead on
Act like a bitch, like move on
Toss you like salad and croutons
Fold this bitch like a futon
Always got my loot on
Told your nigga move on, gang
Cuz didn't even shoot on me
But damn, I think he grew on me
Why are you playin'? Shit, nigga
Give me a shopping spree, gang (Hey, hey, hey)

[Verse 2: Lil House Phone]
I ain't little, baby, call me Big Phone
Got the type of dick make a bitch leave home, ayy
She ain't f..ckin', tell that bitch be gone
Nigga, you ain't really shit 'til you put your team on, ayy
You ain't drippin' in no f..ckin' vlone
Nigga think he f..ckin' with me, tell the bitch dream on, ayy
I told her giddy up, bitch, yeehaw
She goin' up and down like a damn seesaw, ayy
I got the bitch salty like sea salt
If I ain't got enough, you gon' get rerocked
I ain't even tryna bet, but baby, I need top
I'm a fiend for the green, lil' baby, I need guap, ayy
I don't even like the bitch, but I flirt
If her pockets lookin' thick, baby, I'ma make it squirt
I got that type of dick make you call out of work
And that dick so good, put a goth bitch in church, ayy
Woah, she said I treat her like dirt
But her nigga beat her up, baby, which one's worse? Woah
And I know the truth hurt
If she ain't givin' pussy, then I'm in that bitch purse, woah
My niggas go dumb, go berserk
Rep where you from, nigga, throw up your turf, ayy, woah
My niggas go dumb, go berserk
Rep where you from, nigga, throw up your turf, ayy, woah

You know what the f..ck goin' on
You want me to keep sayin' it or what?
Nah, that's it, that's the song, baby, got the song wrapped up, we done, bitch (Yeah?)

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