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Where Flowers Fade Lyrics

Lightning Seeds Where Flowers Fade

I`m pushed and pulled and shunted,
Man-handled and man0hunted,
By those faceless names,
You`ve got nine lives,
I`ve got eight,
I just can`t wait,
To lock the door,
And throw the keys away.
I`ll call as soon as it`s over,
Let`s wait until the world is sober.
The World is wide,
Manhatton chase,
Misguided missles spin in space,
I fell like a sundial in the shade,
Where the flowers fade.
I feel like the poor relation,
Passing through and empty station,
On this empty track,
I`m half poverty,
Half oysters,
No morals,
Ternished laurels,
Going nowhere fast.
You don`t get smoke without a fire,
Next time I`ll vote for Billy Liar.
I hate liars, I hate cheats,
Waving flags, and saving nations,
Good bye love, Goodbye Peace,
I hate ware,
It ruins converstation

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