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Regret Lyrics

Album Name : Lady Love
Release Date : 2009-08-21
Song Duration : 4:05

Letoya Regret

uh uh he don't deserve you, serve you,
he gon regret that he hurt you, hurt you (x2)

I made you cool,
you wasn't dat dude,
until I started f-cking with you,
gave you swag (swag) and a duffle bag,
you left the best you had now you gon act like that,
i got you right, i changed your life,
suicide doors, side co-sign,
Gucci rags, louie travel bag,
you left the best you had,
baby don't look so mad,

You must regret the day that you left me
You must regret the day that you left me
still trying to get back (get back)
still trying to get back (back, back with me)
still trying to get back (back, back with me)

VIP, its all on me,
and now you at the bar with 1, 2 drinks,
popping game, you look so lame,
without me your pimping ain't the same,
first class flights, dipped in lights,
[courtesy of Killerhiphop.com]
I had your neck and wrist oh so bright,
popping tags is a thing of the past,
you lost everything you had chasing those scallywags,


he he, listen
hey sexy,
tell em that its over,
tell em you my baby,
and my coup is your stroller,
tell em this louis Vuitton scarf is your bib,
or that you call me daddy and my house is your crib,
and if he cries I know how to control that,
give him some bottles of this conjure cognac,
just to shut him up,
she said you wasn't half the man I am so I guess you
had to double up,
he still trying to get back like the soldiers,
dreaming and then its time to wake him up like Folgers,
i just hold her, you used put a load of
sh-t up on the brain, but you lame now its over,
i keep her by my side like a holster,
I plan to make a full house and I ain't talking bout
but i might poke her and just stroke her,
cos i'm about treat her like a real man supposed ta,
Luda, ha


[Ludacris Talking over chorus]
I know you regret it homie,
you dropped your dime and i picked it up,
shes mine,
you cant have her back
imma treat her like a queen that she is, man,
teach you a lesson!

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