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The Way You Smile Lyrics

Album Name : Winter in Paradise
Release Date : 2005-12-16
Song Duration : 3:40

Last Autumn's Dream The Way You Smile

Baby you know me
Better than anyone before
The moment I met you really changed my life

Feelin' your heartbeat next to mine
Havin' you close feels down my spine
It took all this time to now where I belong

I know today
You're here to stay
'Cause you are the air that I breath

It's the way you cry, it's the way you smile
That makes me love again
I'm fallin' in love until the end of time

It's the way you know when your lovi' flow
That makes me whole again
But most of all I love that you are mine

They said it was easy
To forget her and find me someone new
But I never didi until I knew you

Sometimes it takes a broken heart
To really find out where to start
I looked in your eyes and I was swept away

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