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Same Thing Lyrics

Kyle Bent Same Thing

[1 verse] living my life,
Lonely nights trying to make my choices right,
Listening to all the voices around me,
I just pray it's the right advice,
When I write these lines they say it's nice,
If I take my time my career takes flight
But I cannot stop I'm afraid I might,
Never hit the top I'm afraid of heights,
Everybody can rap now so to speak,
So now my job aint so unique
So I got to be the best up in this crowd,
Hold my crown or hold my peace,
We all got dreams and we all got hopes,
Some end up rich most start off broke,
Some want the fame and all the glory
But others just want to tell their story,
I just want to do my thing, tour around the world and come back like a
Yeah oh yeah, and I'm just saying through the dark I still shine like a
Super saiyan,
Do my thang

Chorus: (everybody wants the lights
The love the fame
And more of it,
I guess we all the same)2x
We (searching for the same thing)4x

[2 verse] put my feet up in this game that's what I'm finnah do,
Flow sick plus I'm spitting so lyrical,
I got that drive windows tinted too,
Cause it's my time to go and win it too, never wing it dude,
I'm so prepared for every single thing I do,
I met real I met fake,
I met love I met hate
But they don't alter my fate
So, in that case I don't wait for no hater
They're going to have to just face that I'm greater
Uh, savior for this rap game, my real name's my rap name,
They never try to pass me, you something like a pats game,
Cause now a days all the rappers sound the same,
I probably do to, but at least now I can make a change
Oh yeah

Chorus: (everybody wants the lights the love the fame
And more of it, I guess we all the same)2x we (searching for the same

[3 verse](turning)3x my visions to the life I'm living,
I aint tripping, I'm fly like griffins,
Listen I'm cold though no no mittens,
I'm chilling with my bros that's dojo kicking it,
High up in the sky that's ozone chilling trick,
So gassed up I'm domo killing it,
Stuck up in the moment, guess my hormones feeling it,
I remember when these people used to sleep on me,
Now I got them on their feet there's no defeat for me,
I'm growing trees like apple seeds who really needs Johnny,
Trying to get my head above the water like marine armies,
But what now? where we go from here,
I'm in this world without a coat and it's so cold in here,
No need to vote I'm going to make it and I'm so prepared,
I'm almost there
I've been through pain but there is no more tears

Bridge: trying to make the right choice,
Hope you hearing my voice
But Imma hold on,
Never die cause I just live on, (I live on )6x

Chorus: (everybody wants the lights
The love the fame
And more of it, I guess we all the same)2x
We (searching for the same thing)4x

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