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The Deuce Lyrics

Kurtis Blow The Deuce

[Intro: Subway Conductor]
42nd Street, last stop
Watch your step, heading off

[Verse 1]
You got freaks and losers, cops and boozers, pushers on the run
Pimps and junkies, kids with monkeys and lots of dirty fun
Drugs and hookers, squares and lookers moving to the beat
Porno stores and troubadours on 42nd Street
Days are hazy, nights are crazy, hustles never end
There's lots of folks, with lots of jokes, but try to find a friend
If you want advice about paradise then let me introduce
The cast and crew that's waiting for you on the street they call the Deuce, check it out!

[Verse 2]
In this world I know a girl who looks as sweet as spice
And when it's late you can have a date, but you have to pay the price
I know a big time gambler, heavy scammer, never bets less than a G
He's gotta lot of bread but here's what I said, it all came from you and me
There's a kid crusader playing Space Invader down in the old arcade
Don't go to school, he's much too cool, though he's kind of underpaid
The guys are soused and the girls are boozed, gotta lot of lies to tell
They don't fear the Lord, they get no reward and they're spending time in Hell, check it out!

[Musical Bridge]

[Verse 3]
Every day the politicians say they're gonna tear the whole thing down
But wait a couple years, check you eyes and ears, the Deuce will still be around
Drugs and [?], [?] or [?] are easy things to find
They tip the scales with fairy tales and slowly blow your mind
If you desire to feel the fire that's burning on the block
Then take a trip down to the strip, but be prepared for a shock
'Cause if you're shaky or even flaky, here me when I say
When you're on the Deuce you got to be loose or you might get blown away!

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