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Temporary Life Lyrics

Album Name : Crush
Release Date : 2013-08-20
Song Duration : 4:52

Krypton Monkeys Temporary Life

(R. Redfield, J. McLaughlin ©℗ 2013Rockit Music

So there's things you wanted to know
What for your life have you got to show
This time in will you start to care
Reach our for your bride is anyone there

Not hard to see it's not hard to see
This temporary life is broken
Peek behind the screen, look out for the unseen
Stand declare your heart as open

So-there's something you wanted to share
Which personality today are you gonna wear
You been seeking out for so long
Can you hear me call in this song
So- There's things you wanted to share


To possibilities to dying by your self
See all of those in need and reach for someone
hold that someone
Trust only those in need, be ready for their help
You'll have the last to say
Just give it all away


Song Meanings for Temporary Life

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