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Revenge Is Sweet Lyrics

Krept & Konan Revenge Is Sweet

Every L that I took a lesson in disguise
Could've went jail like 50 times
The last manager I had lost both of his fingers
I knew God was tryna give me signs
Yeah, so much stresses
Old rappers still talking about their old successes
We don't care about your past right now
You couldn't lost right now
Go look we're in the charts right now (Play Dirty)
45 minutes that's a quarter mill
And I'm starting to forget how being poorer feels
Cause my wrist sparkling, but I order still
Yeah we made a little drink off that water deal
Akh I used to wear my trackie 'till it faded out
Prayin' that I make it out
Nothin's been the same since we came around
On the same festival but we ain't on the same amount
So f..cking rap lists and the vlog sites
And thank God for all the things that we got right
Before, I was on the verge to be great
I was trying to get off-white
Another top 20 but I'm top 5
Couple little rumours that I wanna address
Then I think f..ck that, I just want the address
I can't argue with the man thats bummy and broke
Twerking to Beyonce, this must be a joke
I ain't going to be the reason that your track sells
Your plan failed
The same girl I had in the hotel is on the internet telling people we don't like black girls
Akh it's a mad world
They want clout more then money it confuses me
And the part thats jarring is they using me
So if I do say something or I don't say something
It's still lose lose for me
All this shit that we've done when they going to rate it?
Still ain't got a Brit, still ain't nominated
Thats why I sound like I come for revenge
First they love you then they hate you then they love you again
It's real

How much new talent we gotta bring?
How much rappers we gotta spin?
How much awards I gotta win?
How much more years in this ting?
How much more powers move and records we gotta break before you say we're the kings, huh?
About we jump on waves you f..cking weird guys
Started half of these waves and you don't even realise
When everyone was on SBTV, dropping Ask Rashid who got Behind Barz popping?
Started a UK rap vid remix trend
Before Don't Waste My Time, Paranormal
Name a big UK rap vid remix then (Oh wait)
Oh wait, they're forgetting themselves then
After that everybody was doing remix's
Talking like we need this shit
I beg your pardon?
We don't ever jump on waves fam we start them (Facts)
Why the f..ck would we need these guys if we are them (Sauce)
Don't need to chase clout in this rap race
How many years deep?
Got a real f..cking fan base
Put on the best tours, why don't we check scores (Facts)
Why would I need clout off them if I sell more (Facts)
Sold out the Palace a whole year after the tape dropped
Man check the stats before you take shots
After all we've done you discredit
You're a pisstake, done like a hundred thou' on the mixtapes
7 Nights outsold a lot of projects I ain't gassin' it (You know)
And we didn't even rap on it
2 projects top 10 at the same time nigga
If anyone needs clout they need some of mine nigga (Tally)
Play Dirty this is big business
I made like 6 niggas 6 figures
Big part of this culture, thats a fact
Got on national radio with ignorant rap
Guinness records, plaques, awards, accolades
New deal with Beats, that's what I call Apple Pay
Blow my own trumpet, I ain't really on that
But since they won't give me credit, I went and got a contract
Won a Link Up for motives I ain't got time honestly
I'm busy doing business, for investments holler me
Or I'm busy recording or touring or busy doing property
Play Dirty this is the monopoly
No I didn't get 200 when I passed go
But I got 200 for the last show
Wanna f..ck with our dough
You know where this is Edinburgh
Do it like the Scottish, in your head where that Glasgow
We ain't the same, no f..cking offence
Blowing all that money on the girl, blood you're a mess
I invested in my girl then watch her double the bread
Then she doubled it and double then it doubled again
Fam I feel a way that these nigga's are chatting
See you in the flesh but they ain't doin' nothin'
At your big age on the internet gassing
Tweetin' in lowercase but these nigga's still cappin'
Enough ranting, let me spaz I'm a mutant
If I stay in Tally mode, I'll become a nuisance
I don't wanna start spinnin' rappers out their cubans
I'll spin you out your buss down, nigga sit the f..ck down
Kone put a home on his hand, I can vouch for this
It's like he got nicked, and they put him on house arrest
Self-made nigga, and we started from a demo
Am I a baller like Jermaine? Yeah deffo
I want it then I'll take it
You're witnessing our greatness
When the wifey ill the only time a nigga' basic
Them nigga's rap false
They ain't got straps bro
Nigga' how dare he, them nigga's lactose
King of this akh
When I rap make your eyes water
Dead nigga's, coming for the throne you're a white walker
Nigga' this the start of the end
This is just half the revenge, pussy

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