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Forgiveness Lyrics

Krept & Konan Forgiveness

Play dirty
It's that shit you just ride to
Adot Beats

Ten years deep and we still flying high
We probably inspire all the niggas that you inspired by
Come see how play dirty livin', we the flyest guys
We got all the hoes in the building, it's a firefight
F..ck pressure from the net, just work hard until that bag comes
Stop spending money to impress these bitches that don't have none
Niggas still up on the gram actin', nigga what's your bank balance
I think we should start, "who's really got the bag" challenge
Cause shit ain't what it seems, they on insta selling dreams
Shout my little bros, I wanna get them off the streets
Cuh you know what it is, if they're stepping with machines
Like he aired him on the gram, bang, left him on the scene (Ay)
Tally that's the alias, my akhi he the craziest
He rolls with it on God, that big bang will turn you atheist
We the goats, man we actually great
Who else you know got a plaque off a tape
And if you see my nigga in that car dashing when he's on ban
And jumps out, it's not a dream, he's probably tryna rob man
I can't trust niggas, or these women, God damn
These girls ain't all saints, that's why Zara tryna top man
All black in Streatham, [?] psycho with the drama
Your location with his burner, turn the place to a disaster
You know how much works that nigga did for me
When he lands road I put him on instantly (Free up)

Be careful what you put into the universe you know
If you're one of those people that, just sit down and talk about people, commenting people, every day, and wonder why shit ain't going right for you, that's why man
If you can't be positive then at least be quiet man
That's why we stay up, that's why we stay winnin'
Positive affirmations man
You know what it is, play dirty
Still waiting for opportunities and create them man
No cap

Tints on the cars when they know it's us
And even if they don't, they see them posters up
Yeah that's close enough, had to change the mindset
Netflix movies and I ain't even in my prime yet
In Jummah trynna find my way, I should be praying 5 a day
But when you got this rollie on these girls give you the time of day
And they ain't trynna stay, they just come and go
I'm looking for a keeper all they want to do is couple goals
Young black CEOs, radio and TV shows
Thank god we made it cos its never been an easy road
From when we were sleeping in Banglez house, really trynna plan this out, look at the mandem now
Yeah we come a long way from what we used to have
Now we gross mills like the food was bad
All the times you could of helped us but you didn't you ain't gotta worry, you're forgiven
Yeah straight forgiveness man
We ain't holding no grudges over here
I know hurt people hurt people, so you know what I just gotta spread some love
To the top of the mountain no looking down no looking back
Only time we look back is to see how far we've come
Revenge is sweet but success is even sweeter
For ten more years man, come on G

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