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Judgement Nite Lyrics

Album Name : Da Devil's Playground
Release Date : 1999-10-26
Song Duration : 4:46

Koopsta Knicca Judgement Nite

[Hook: Guy talking, repeated numerous times]
You broke rule number one
Do not, do not, do not
Do not, steal, from me

[Verse 1: Koopsta Knicca]
Kick them bitches out my business trick
The Koop is somethin' for 'em
A motherfuckin', a nigga 'noid
With a warrant
I'm knowin' I gotta touch 'em
Knowin' I gotta buck 'em dead
Now buckin' bitches heads
Got me runnin' from the f..ckin' Feds
Kick it with' my dreads, all years
And still been on them slabs
Ya say lil' Koop ain't comin'
Climb mine, I'll be damned
Buck 'em down
Ya clown, just gain some inches
'Fore you get sprayed
Scandelous since that kinder-creepin'
Koopsta Knicca kick it with' the motherfuckin twelve-gauge
I made 'em face the grave
And laid his shit right down my nig
I hit him real quick, then counted up my dividends
A rebel's in me, got me sinnin'
Nigga why you grinnin'?
There's no forgive-me's
Tell me, should I let you keep on livin'?
Grab me a four, kicked in them doors
Like the night before
Man hit them floors
Or be hard hoodly, lookin' in the mud
Body sore, broken skull, ho I took your life
Six-hundred six-six-six
Census of a judgement night


[Verse 2: Koopsta Knicca]
I got a knock on my door
Man, who is it bitch?
Is it my niggas from the motherfuckin' triple-six?
Get out my head, I'm scared
Know soon, you might be dead
Don't make me cut you in dreads
Since that a homested
Tonight's the night
To make a pimp-tight fright-night
We cut them bodies in chunks
Though, by a butcher-knife
I buck 'em dead on the double
Cause I don't need no trouble
Man what the f..cks a muscle
To a playa body's hustle?
My Glock goes pop, and pop
And make them niggas drop
Come take a ride
To my motherfuckin' "Stash Spot"

[DJ Paul: talking]
Awww yeah
The Triple Six Mafia in this motherfucka
With' my nigga the Koopsta Knicca
We doin' this shit for all the niggas who stay down
Ya know I'm sayin?
And for all the niggas who couldn't take it
The shit just get thicker for a weak nigga

[Koopsta Knicca:]
Triple six, triple six, triple six niggas

[Hook: Guy talking, repeat to end]
You broke rule number one
Do not, do not, do not
Do not, steal, from me

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