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Too Bad About Your Situation Lyrics

Album Name : Armada On Mercury
Release Date : 2008-03-18
Song Duration : 5:28

Kingston Falls Too Bad About Your Situation

A ploy ripe for your favorite season.
Pyrite, fools gold, elemental treason.
Pirates scream, it's rum they bleed.
Think lustful thoughts and then retreat.

Cold leather kisses your back.
I'm not important and you get bored of crying fast when dwelling on the past.

Too bad about your situation: all those years with him.
Amidst the nautical imagery, you've lost the self you found at sea. I'm liquid.

If it seems like I lack empathy, then you have reached an epiphany.
And as shallow as this all may seem, your situation deserves an apology.

You are still beautiful.
There has never been an "us", I know.
You're so insatiable.
I'll make you grin and not be gentle.

Here we are. We came back for more.

You regret the vows you made to him when you were both in love.
You regret the life you two started so many years ago.
What made you forget the hope you had in each other's arms?
What made you forget the love you had that brought your soul to life?

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