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King Hubert Intro

My pop died and I can't remember when
I was still kid so I never got the chance to say whats' up
I was still blind so I never got the chance to say bye
So everyday when I woke up on my knees I pray
Believe in god, everything will be okay
That is what my bestfriend said
But it ain't right when good ones go
I'ma grown ass man but I still cry when my heart feel so cold
I've got heart to talk bout it but it's not easy to just let it go
It feels like ima bout to fall coz I ain't gotta none to hold on

Intro Verse:
What is love and when place you call home?
It just (Gun Shot Gun Shot Gun Shot poping)
And you don't know what is going on
What is love when good ones die young
Talk behind my back
And I dont know whatchu talking bout
You left home you went all alone
But I swear you'll be back this is where you belong
I pray for mama I hope she stay strong
And I pray for my pop god rest his soul
And I pray for my fans hope they stay loyal
I work so hard just to fix what's wrong
Keep everything to myself coz it's always my fault yeah
I keep on praying that and praying asking god what I did wrong
My friends going in but my door still close
They be here count money but I'm still digging holes
I give my life to the lord his the one that only knows
But I never kick back work hard just to get my life right
On my way to the top but the haters want me down
I give my number to the boss but he never call back
Then I met my own friends but they never say whats up
Coz I'm broke so they take me as joke
But I thank the lord for who I am today
My knees on the ground and I'm looking at the sky
In Jesus name I pray ‘'AMEN

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