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Obsessing Lyrics

Kilo Kish Obsessing

You want to go
You ought to go
Theres nothing else
I need to know
You want to go
You ought to go
You wanna leave
Then make it brief
Take you
And all the rest of me
You wanna leave
I'll let it be
When you're leaving
I'm completely alone
Its not like you need me
I'm stuck checking my phone
I'm obsessing
I'm obsessing
You're not
Obsessing over me
Obsessing over me
Obsessing over
That was great
I don't want it no more
I keep it hush hush hush
And mysterious
Never play with a private urge
This guilt
And my confusion
Refills all the pills i want
(and i know that damn well)
I should pass you right up
Don't look at me
Like you've never seen
Someone with a little bug
(and i know)
I should cross the street
When i strange men
Wearing trench coats
(but i won't)
I aint no virgin
My appetite
Is creating disturbance
Purge it out of me
Beat it out of me
Pray it outta me lord
Please please please
Please please please

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